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Managed by your Organization (MBO) is a Chrome extension that helps organizations covertly manage user data and settings. This extension allows IT professionals to easily manage user data and settings, including: password, cookies and platform settings. In some cases, MBO provides administrators with advanced features not available through traditional user rights management. For example, MBO allows IT professionals to covertly change a user’s platform settings to prevent them from leaving their job. Malicious actors have abused this functionality to commit identity theft and other crimes.

Note How to remove managed by your organization chrome

Body Paragraphs: Removing MBO data and settings requires a thorough reinstall of the browser. This removes all data and settings stored by the extension. Additionally, all user data is lost, including passwords, browsing history and cookies. IT professionals who manually remove managed by your organization chrome data risk exposing personal information to malicious actors. The best approach is to only remove the extension’s data when it’s absolutely necessary. This should be accompanied by a thorough cleaning of the user’s computer to remove all residual data.

Guide How to remove managed by your organization chrome

Manually removing data is straightforward and easy to do. Data subjects can review their Chrome browser settings to see if they’re being managed by your organization. If so, they can simply delete the relevant setting or group of settings. This step is safe and does not expose personal information to malicious actors. If a user suspects that they’re being managed by their organization, they can use the steps listed above to remove the data themselves.

Reinstalling the browser removes all user data and settings. However, it does not delete any other information stored on the user’s computer, including cookies and malware files. This makes the manual removal process safe but time-consuming and error-prone. It can also be difficult to tell if all residual data has been removed from a computer, making it difficult to manually clean computers.

On the other hand, deleting MBO data and settings is easy and safe. Manually removing data is simple because every user’s browser settings are hidden from them by default. This makes it easy for users to remove MBO without knowing it’s even installed on their computer. Users don’t even need privileged access to delete their own personal data.

Alternatively, organizations can use automated tools to safely remove data without requiring data subjects to participate in removal activities. For example, DropTune makes it easy for organizations to securely delete user data while preserving existing functionality on affected computers. This tool prevents users from having any negative experiences when being managed by an organization and helps mitigate potential backlash from users’ friends and family members when being stalked or harassed.


Managing user data is an essential part of any tech support role or IT professional’s job description. However, there are serious privacy concerns with allowing organizations easy access to personal information stored on computers running MBO. Organizations should take steps to minimize outcry when managing user data by setting up automated tools and training staff on proper removal practices.

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